Nutritional Information

All nutritional information that is required by the FDA is included on the label of each product in the ingredient list.  We do not have information on grams of fat or sodium, or percent daily value. 


We only know that our healthy bread contains the typical nutritional value of artisanal, all-natural, and hand-made dough, formed and baked with the old world method!


What kind of flour do we use?  We use Gold Medal Harvest King by General Mills*, provided by a regional distributor. We use a small amount of salt in every batch for flavor and to control the rate of proofing. Many of our breads contain little more than starter, flour, water and salt. We hope this information is helpful to you in deciding your nutritional needs when it comes to bread.





*General Mills official statement: "All General Mills flours are non-GMO. Our flour is milled from wheat sourced exclusively from the USA.  GMO wheat is not approved for commercial production or sale in the United States and North America. However, comingling of wheat with GMO Soy or corn can occur during harvest, shipping of raw materials, and storage.  Non-organic wheat flour is not routinely validated to be GMO free."

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